Food Culture & Family Traditions Around the World (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

June 25, 2018
Age Group:
1st-6th Grade



6300 SW Nicol Rd, Portland, OR 97223   View map

All around the world, food is an important way that people connect and celebrate important events. Food is a reflection of the people and geography of a culture. In this class we will focus on a few food traditions; tasting the food, learning about the people, and why particular foods have gained major cultural significance. In addition to learning about food around the world, we will also learn more about our own cultures – sharing special recipes from our own families and cultures.

*Lunch (12-12:45 pm) will be provided for all morning classes PreK- 8th grade and full day classes. Bon Appetit manages the OES Dining Hall and specializes in fresh, local ingredients. Please see the Summer Lunch tab or for more information.

Cost: $240

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