9th Annual PMO Small Telescopes Research STAR Camp (Week 1, Overnight)

June 25, 2017
Age Group:
10th-12th Grade



6300 SW Nicol Road, Portland, OR, 97223   View map

Gaze at the stars from the Pine Mountain Observatory in central Oregon where the Milky Way is clearly visible. Learn from astronomers from around the region about how they use telescopes for astrophotography, search for planets in other solar systems, and study pulsating stars. You will be introduced to several research areas of astronomy and perform research on one of those areas. Teams of three will be matched with science mentors and instrumentation for experimentation. We will camp out at the area’s national park camp ground, cook our meals together, learn about projects in the afternoon, and collect data at night. There is internet access but no running water and cellular service is weak to non-existent. The cost of the trip covers transportation, food, registration, and a camp souvenir. This is a great opportunity for students who want to do a science research project over the summer and is led by OES Science Faculty Bevin Daglen.

The group will leave Sunday, 6/25 and return Thursday, 6/29.

Cost: $450 ($200 if it is your OES science research project – email summer@oes.edu to sign up with this discount.)