Summer Trip to France with Ron Silver – WWI and WWII – Families Welcome!

Summer Trip to France with Ron Silver – WWI and WWII – Families Welcome! “Lafayette, we are here.” “We’ll always have Paris.” “Retreat, Hell, we just got here.” Winterim leader Ron Silver and Director of Winterim Christina Meyerhoff will lead a trip to France, following the footsteps of the doughboys and G.I.s who fought in […]

Fairy Tale Theater ( Week 1: 6/25-6/29 PM)

Create magic in reading and writing with the mystical worlds of fairy tales. We’ll read, play and perform from Hans Christian Anderson’s stories to coyote trickster tales of the American Southwest. We’ll even read some adapted Shakespeare, explore tall tales, and take on some great Greek myths. Get ready to sing, dance, and play your […]

Parkour and Free Running (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

Train your body and mind to easily overcome obstacles in creative and fun ways with a Certified American Parkour (APK) Teachers! Develop proper techniques to endure safety and longevity while fluidly adapting one’s movements to the environment. Among others, basic skills taught include Precision Landing, Vaulting, Rolling, Wall Running, Rail Balancing, Quadrupedal Movements, and looking […]

Writing Skills (Weeks 1 & 2, 6/25-6-29 & 7/2-7/6 AM)

Designed for students who will enter 9th grade in the fall, this course introduces various high school critical writing expectations: the structure and organization of a critical essay, choosing text evidence in order to develop and support a thesis, formatting, MLA citation, basic grammar and sentence structure. We will read a short story together and […]

Cooking, Farming, and Outdoor Exploring (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 ALL DAY)

Eli will take the campers from local farms to mountainous hikes while cooking foraged foods and learning about native habitats. We’ll be exploring secret natural paradises outside of Portland – swimming holes, rivers, lakes and participating in real farm life! Students will make their own journal on the first day – after lunch, students will […]

Lego Knights and Castles (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

Travel back in time to explore the world of knights and castles—through Legos! Using only our imagination with no Lego kits, we will create our very own enormous castle, with building challenges and collaborative activities along the way. On the last day–watch out! We’ll be storming the castle we just created! *Lunch (12pm-12:45) will be […]

PreK & Kindergarten Explorers (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

A full day camp for children Kindergarten age. Children will enjoy inquiry-based activities in a child-centered environment similar to our OES school experience. In the mornings, the children will spend time outside exploring the various forest and wetland environments of OES.  Later in the day, they will use their observations, inspirations and wonderings to share […]

OES Athletics Presents: Tennis Camp (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 PM)

Open to the public! The focus on the Camp will be on making tennis fun while developing skills to play matches and tournament. The focus will be on stroke production and match strategy with emphasis on footwork. Fast paced drills helps in developing skills to take you to the next level. Cost: $200

Sports Camp (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 All Day)

Enjoy team sports ranging from soccer, basketball, volleyball, team handball and kick ball with OES instructors Eric Dams and Lauran Pratt. In the afternoon we will be enjoying field trips to activities such as bowling, curling, parkours, trampoline jumping and frisbee golf. *Lunch (12-12:45 pm) will be provided for all morning classes PreK- 8th grade […]

Food Culture & Family Traditions Around the World (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

All around the world, food is an important way that people connect and celebrate important events. Food is a reflection of the people and geography of a culture. In this class we will focus on a few food traditions; tasting the food, learning about the people, and why particular foods have gained major cultural significance. […]

OES Athletics Presents: Boys Lacrosse Camp (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

Open to the Public! OES Boys Lacrosse Camp strives to be the best instructional lacrosse camp in the Pacific Northwest. This camp brings first-time players and advanced youngster together for team-based games and drills. OES head coach, Cam Rafish, along with the rest of the OES staff and college players, are committed to helping each […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Skills & Games (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

This class incorporates the best that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has to offer in the way of fundamentals training for self-defense, anti-bullying, and fun! Students will earn their white belt and first stripe for attending a one week session. Come prepared to be active and mobile for the majority of the class. *Lunch (12-12:45 pm) will […]

Hungry Hungry Habitat (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

From mountains to the sea and wetlands to the desert, there are tons of great habitats to explore right in our backyard! Students will investigate the amazing native plants and animals of Oregon through outdoor field experiments, art projects, games, and science labs. Nothing connects students to nature better than hands-on activities! *Lunch (12-12:45 pm) […]

Intro to Filmmaking (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

Introduction to Filmmaking is a hands-on immersion in the movie making process. Each student will go through the full production cycle from conception to completion. The course will provide fundamental education in all components of filmmaking including story generation, directing, acting, editing and sound. Students will work in teams to create original videos all week, […]

Edible Chemistry (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 PM)

In this exciting class, cooking meets science and your understanding of food will never be the same! How does milk turn into butter, cheese, yogurt, and so many other incredible goodies? How does a fresh cucumber become the savory masterpiece we know as the dill pickle? We will pull up our gloves and find out! […]

OES Athletics Presents: Volleyball Camp (Week 1, 6/25-6/29, ALL DAY)

Open to the Public! Come join Coach Jennifer Hormann and learn a variety of volleyball skills including bumping, setting, and serving. Class will be taught through fun activities and games! Your child will have fun working collaboratively with peers, being part of a team, and improving skills. Class is for new players through intermediate. *Lunch (12-12:45 […]

Minecraft (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 AM)

Join us for a week of Minecraft adventures! This camp combines both beginner and intermediate skills to meet you in the Minecraft world of your making. Level One: Basics Students will learn the basic controls of the game such as how to move, mine, build, craft, and defend. Depending on the session students will learn […]

Explosive Volcanoes! (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 PM)

A geologic adventure exploring local volcanoes, evidence of prehistoric organisms, and science experiments. Potential field trips could include visits to Mt. Tabor, the Rice Rock & Mineral Museum, and OMSI’s Earth Science Hall. Cost: $200

OES Athletics Presents: Tennis Camp (Week 1: 6/25-7/29 AM)

Open to the public! Join us for a skill-building week of tennis for beginning through intermediate players. We divide children by ability and skill level. Learn to play, improve your abilities, and work on a multitude of skills. Students will have opportunities to play lots of games, improve coordination, and work on tennis techniques. Our […]

Screenwriting (Week 1: 6/25-6/29 PM)

This course shine light on the process of writing original stories for film and video. We will break down at the structure of classic Hollywood films and narrow down the types of stories we want to tell. We will write a collective scene together and then film it, understanding the link between the page and […]

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