Mr. David's School of Film

Mr. David’s School of Film

Mr. David’s School of Film is owned and operated by DAVID LOITZ. He is a filmmaker, multimedia artist and educator. He graduated with a BFA in Film/Video in 2005 from California Institute of the Arts and is completing his Masters in Elementary Education at Goddard College. Currently David can be found in classrooms around the Portland Metro Area working with the Right Brain Initiative teaching Stop Motion and filmmaking to students and teachers. An experienced teacher, David recently worked for 3 years at Oregon Episcopal School in Portland, Oregon. David has taught performance and media arts to students from ages 4 to 18, and has worked both locally and nationally on film projects ranging from documentaries to music videos to feature films. He also has a background in theater, acting and creative writing. He is passionate about sharing the art of storytelling, acting and filmmaking with students of all ages. David created Mr. David’s School of Film to help students young and old create magic and wonder through performance and media arts.